• Moving cars to WallyPark

    6 steps for a successful move to WallyPark

    1. First, check to see that the WallyPark Hot Zone is currently displayed on the StreetCrowd App. Remember- Hot Zones change over the course of the day. The zones you see on the StreetCrowd map are valid at the time that they are displayed on the App. If they change during your trip, the trip will still be valid and eligible for payment. You can freeze the Hot Zones currently displayed on the App by tapping the “Start Drive” button. 
    2. Pick an eligible car from the StreetCrowd App, start your trip and head to WallyPark. ReachNow parking is located on Level 2 of WallyPark Premier Garage, 18613 International Blvd, Seatac WA 98188.
    3. When you enter the garage at the gate, grab a ticket and leave it on the dashboard for the next member.
    4. Look for signs and proceed to the ReachNow designated parking area on Level 2 – the ReachNow spots are clearly marked.
    5. End your trip, lock the vehicle, and confirm that the green light is displaying to make sure the car is available for members to rent.
    6. Head back to Seattle to move more cars! You can either walk or catch the complimentary WallyPark shuttle to connect to the Link Light Rail Seatac Airport Station.