• Most Important Things to Keep in Mind

    Pay attention to parking rules

    Make sure that you are parked in an approved parking space. Review the ReachNow Parking Guidelines to learn more about where ReachNow vehicles are allowed to end trips.

    Lock the car and end your trip

    Make sure that you properly end the trip and lock the car with your StreetCrowd key card. Confirm that the vehicle is locked and that the card reader on the windshield displays a green light. If the car does not lock, check the in-car menu screen to see if there is an issue preventing you from ending your trip. Please also double check in the ReachNow App if the car is locked.

    Keep the car hot

    Do not take a trip with a ReachNow car within the Hot Zone for personal use within 3 hours of a move.

  • Workflow

    Move ReachNow cars from their current location to “Hot-Zones” around Seattle.

    The cars eligible to be moved are shown on the map in the StreetCrowd App.

    You will be paid each week for the number of cars you move to Hot Zones.


    Sign up

    When registering in the App, you are asked to provide your ReachNow account email. You must have a valid ReachNow account in order to register.

    • We will provide you with a StreetCrowd key card and PIN number that will allow you to move eligible cars to Hot Zones for free.
    • Once you are approved, you will receive a confirmation email with a ReachNow PIN number.
    • After several business days, you will receive a StreetCrowd key card.

    With this key card and PIN number, you can unlock and drive ReachNow cars shown in the StreetCrowd App to move into Hot Zones. You will not use your personal ReachNow account to move cars for StreetCrowd.


    Find a car

    The StreetCrowd App shows ReachNow cars that are eligible to be moved


    By tapping on the car you'll see:

    • License plate
    • Model
    • Color
    • 3 suggested routes to the nearest Hot Zones


    All available Hot Zones are shown on the map. When you select a car, the recommended navigation routes to the 3 closest Hot Zones are highlighted. Decide which car you want to move and which Hot Zone you want to move it to.

    Do not choose a car if you were the last person to drive it with your personal ReachNow account.


    Go to the car

    Go to the car and open it with your StreetCrowd key card. Do not reserve the car with your personal ReachNow account.


    Start trip

    Start the trip and tap "Start Drive" in the StreetCrowd App. This will freeze the current valid Hot Zones.



    Move the car directly to a location to any of your preferred Hot Zones and find a valid parking spot within the Hot Zone boundaries. Do not make any unnecessary stops along the way. Verify that you are in a valid parking spot (see ReachNow parking guidelines here).

    Please make sure that you are within the boundaries of an active Hot Zone - aiming closer to the center of the Hot Zone is preferred.



    End trip & lock car

    End the trip and lock the car with your StreetCrowd key card. Please remove any trash and leave the car as you would wish to find it.

    Confirm that the vehicle is locked and that the card reader on the windshield displays a green light.


    Check again

    If the vehicle does not lock, get back in the car and check the vehicle menu screen to see if there are any issues preventing you from ending your trip.

    Also, check the ReachNow App if the car is locked.


    Ready for verification

    Once the vehicle is locked and the trip ends you will get a pop-up notification and email confirming that your trip has completed and will be verified for payment.

  • Instructions


    If you moved a car, ended your trip, and locked the car, you will get a confirmation push notification and email. The movement will be validated by our team . Pay periods are every Thursday through Wednesday, and you will get paid on the Friday following the pay period in which your move has been validated. For each successful move to a valid parking spot within a Hot Zone, you will receive $5 on your PayPal Account and $5 in ReachNow credit.

    The Payment will be accumulated and you will receive:

    • $5 for each valid moved car on your PayPal Account.
    • $5 ReachNow credit for each valid moved car

    Payout will occur within 8 days of your move getting validated. You will be informed by email how much you will be paid.


    If you don't have a PayPal account and also don't want to receive any money, you can have the full payment in ReachNow credits.

    Please write to hi@streetcrowd.io and inform us about your decision.



    Refer A Friend

    For each of your recommended friends that completes 10 valid moves to Hot Zones, you will receive an extra one-time bonus of $30.

    To refer a friend simply send hi@streetcrowd.io the e-mail address your friend signed up with, and we will credit the $30 to your account as soon as their 10th move is validated.



    Time Limited Special Bonus Deal

    For a limited time you earn the following bonuses:

    • extra $5 after your 10th move
    • extra $20 after your 25th move
    • extra $50 after your 50th move
    • extra $75 after your 100th move
    • extra $75 after your 150th move
    • extra $80 after your 200th move
    • extra $85 after your 300th move
    • extra $90 after your 400th move
    • extra $95 after your 500th move
    • extra $100 after your 600th move
    • extra $105 after your 700th move
    • extra $110 after your 800th move
    • extra $115 after your 900th move
    • extra $120 after your 1000th move
    to your PayPal account.

    Parking Rules

    • Private off-street parking

    With the exception of a few designated off-street parking partners, only park ReachNow vehicles on the street. Even if they say "public parking," you cannot end your trip in private lots. This also includes driveways, parking garages, office buildings, supermarkets, malls or apartment complexes.

    • Illegal parking spaces

    You cannot park in any illegal parking space, red or yellow painted curb, or signed No Parking zone. In Seattle, you must obey the following parking distances: 5 feet from driveways/alley entrances, 15 feet from fire hydrants, 20 feet from crosswalks, and 30 feet from Stop or Yield signs. Please pay attention to parking signs and curb colors.

    • Parking spaces with short time limits

    You cannot park in spaces with time limits of less than 1 hour, such as 30 minutes loading zone.

    • Parking specified for special use

    You cannot park in spots designated for another use, such as bus stops, commercial vehicle load zones, food-vehicle zones, taxi zones, valet zones, reserved electric car spaces, spaces reserved for other car-sharing programs, disabled parking spaces (w/out a valid, displayed permit), etc. No parking within 15 feet of either side of a fire hydrant.

    • Temporary no parking zones

    You cannot park in temporary No Parking zones that are restricted for events, construction, etc. Watch for signs and make sure you do not park in a space that will become a temporary No Parking zone within 24 hours.

    • Time restricted parking spaces

    In Seattle, there are hundreds of parking spaces that become No Parking zones during peak period parking restrictions (like rush-hour bus or travel lanes, temporary bus layover zones, or morning carpool permit only zones) due to risk of towing. These spaces are identified by special signage. Ending a trip in these spaces is not approved. We allow ONE EXCEPTION ONLY IN DOWNTOWN SEATTLE. You may park and end a trip in a time-restricted parking space within a selected area of Downtown as long as it does not convert within 1 hour. This special downtown area is bordered by Mercer St. to the north, Jackson St. to the south, I-5 to the east, and Alaskan Way/Elliot Ave/3rd Ave S to the west). For example, in this Downtown area, you can park in a 3-6 p.m. peak hour bus lane at 1:30 p.m., but you cannot park there at 2:30 p.m. because it will convert to a No Parking zone in less than 1 hour.

    • Parking distances

    In Seattle, you must obey the following parking distances: 5 feet from driveways, 15 feet from fire hydrants, 20 feet from crosswalks, and 30 feet from Stop or Yield signs. Please pay attention to avoid any yellow or red painted curbs.

    • Other Restrictions

    You cannot park anywhere you would not be able to park your own private vehicle. If you block a loading zone, in a time restricted parking zone or any other space that results in a ticket or tow, you will be liable for the cost.

    Help relating to ReachNow Cars

    If you have any trouble unlocking or starting a car, please call ReachNow member support at 844 732 2466, and let them know that you are part of StreetCrowd.


    If you come across a car with significant damage, please take a photo and send it to support@reachnow.com.

    Keep in mind!

    If you use your StreetCrowd key card for any trips other than the designated movement of eligible cars from the StreetCrowd App, you will be removed immediately from StreetCrowd and your ReachNow membership will be suspended, even if you did not have any prior strikes!


    This includes making unnecessary stops on the way to a Hot Zone, driving for longer than the reasonable amount of time necessary for a move, or driving anywhere outside of the ReachNow home area. Any damages, collisions, or traffic violations will result in immediate removal from the project.


    While driving ReachNow vehicles you are subject to the ReachNow member agreement, and are solely responsible for any and all applicable fees, fines, tickets, citations, and violations (including parking, speeding or criminal offenses) and any resulting or related fines, fees, expenses, penalties or other amounts due, incurred in connection with a Drive. The StreetCrowd key card is only to be used by you for the purpose of moving vehicles, do not share the card with others.