• Hints

    If you want to maximize your potential to earn money and ReachNow credit through StreetCrowd, there are several things you can do

    Be Mobile

    Go from one car to another using small portable vehicles like e-scooters. This can be faster than most other modes of transport for short distances.


    Choose what's nearby

    Choose cars that are close to you - if it takes too long to get to a car you'd like to move, it may be reserved by the time you arrive.

    Parking Regulations

    Always double check signs and curbs when parking! Fines can be expensive!

    Bring a Friend

    Team up with other users and get the job done faster.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I use MY ReachNow account to move cars?


    To participate in this project you need an existing valid ReachNow account. However, you will not use your personal ReachNow account to move cars for StreetCrowd. Once you are approved for StreetCrowd you will receive a separate StreetCrowd key card and PIN that you will use to move cars. This key card is not associated with your personal ReachNow account, and you will not be charged for driving when you use this card. You should only use this key card to move cars for StreetCrowd. The key card is the only way to unlock cars for StreetCrowd - you cannot reserve cars in the ReachNow App for StreetCrowd. If you reserve a car with your own ReachNow account in the ReachNow App, it will disappear from the map in the StreetCrowd App and will no longer be eligible to move.


    Please note that this key card can only be used while moving cars for StreetCrowd. Any unauthorized use of this card will result in immediate removal from StreetCrowd, suspension of your personal ReachNow account, and any associated rental charges and fees will be applied to the credit card on your personal ReachNow account.

    Is there a fee for signing up?

    No, joining StreetCrowd is absolutely free. If you are not yet a ReachNow member we will provide you with a promo code to receive free ReachNow membership. Please note that you must input this promo code into the “I have a promo code” field on the credit card information screen during ReachNow registration in order to access your free ReachNow membership. In order to become a ReachNow member, you must meet the membership eligibility criteria listed in the ReachNow membership agreement.

    How do I make sure I have made an eligible move and will get paid?

    Please check to make sure that the following movement criteria are met:

    1. The car you have selected to drive is displayed on the map in the StreetCrowd App. Please note that only StreetCrowd eligible cars are available on the StreetCrowd App.
    2. You were not the last member to drive the ReachNow car that you are choosing to move to a Hot Zone. You can check “My Trips” in the ReachNow App to see the last car you drove on your ReachNow account.
    3. You have parked the vehicle in a valid parking spot within the borders of a Hot Zone displayed on the StreetCrowd App.
    4. You have closed all windows and doors, turned off the engine, made sure the menu screen in the car is set to “End Trip”, before locking the car
    5. You have successfully locked the car with your StreetCrowd key card and the green smiley face light is displayed on the windshield card reader, indicating that the car is available for other ReachNow members to reserve. You will also receive a confirmation email from StreetCrowd indicating that the trip has ended successfully within an hour of ending the trip.
    6. You do not take a trip with the car you just moved, or any other ReachNow vehicles within the Hot Zone within 3 hours of your StreetCrowd move.

    How do I get paid?

    When registering for StreetCrowd, we ask you for your ReachNow account and your PayPal email address. For each vehicle that you successfully move you will receive $5 transferred to your PayPal account. For each vehicle that you successfully move you will also receive a promo code for $5 in ReachNow credit. You can apply this credit to your ReachNow account by entering the code into the “Promos” section of the ReachNow App.

    When do I get paid?

    Seattle: Payment periods are every Thursday through Wednesday. Payment for verified movements completed during a payment period occurs on the Friday following each payment period.

    Portland: Pay periods are every Wednesday through Tuesday, and you will get paid on the Thursday following the pay period in which your move has been validated.

    What cars are eligible to move?

    Only ReachNow vehicles that are currently displayed on the StreetCrowd App are eligible to move. These are typically cars that have been sitting idle for a long time, and the goal is to move them into high utilization areas where they are likely to be picked up quickly by ReachNow members.

    Which Hot Zones are eligible to move cars to?

    Only the red-colored Hot Zones currently displayed on the StreetCrowd App are eligible areas to move cars to. Please note that Hot Zones change over the course of the day. The zones you see on the map are valid at this timestamp that they are displayed on the App. If they change during your trip, the trip will still be valid and eligible for payment. You can freeze the Hot Zones currently displayed on the App by tapping the “Start Drive” button.

    What does the 'Start Drive' button in the App do?

    Tapping the "Start Drive" button will provide you with brief instructions for moving the car, update and freeze the current Hot Zones on the map so that they do not disappear in the middle of a move.

    Do I have to follow one of the 3 suggested routes to a Hot Zone?

    No, you can drive to any active Hot Zone you prefer. We are just recommending the routes to the three closest ones.
    If you click on the miles and minutes field, you will get the option to open it in your prefered Maps app.

    What if my car won't lock or unlock?

    If you have troubles starting or ending your trip, please contact ReachNow Member Support at 844-732-2466, and tell them your StreetCrowd member ID number- this is located on the sticker on your StreetCrowd key card.

    What should I do if the PIN screen doesn't properly load?

    Sometimes you may come across a ReachNow car experiencing technical issues that prevent the PIN screen from loading. If you experience this issue, here are some helpful tips that can get you back on the road quickly:

    1. Step out of the car, lock it and unlock it again with your StreetCrowd key card.
    2. If the PIN Screen still won’t load, call ReachNow's Member Support at 844-732-2466 and tell them your StreetCrowd member ID number- this is located on the sticker on your StreetCrowd key card. They can then manually reset the car and help you get back on your way.
    3. Once you are able to enter the PIN number, move the car to a valid spot within an active Hot Zone, and then send us an email and let us know about the issue to ensure that your trip gets validated.
    Please be aware that sending us an email is necessary to let us know of this incident.

    Where can I park?

    Generally, you can park in any legal metered, unmetered, or RPZ on-street parking space with a one-hour or longer time limit within your target Hot Zone.


    Do NOT park in:

    • Private parking lots or garages

    • Parking spaces designated for special use (i.e. taxi parking, bus parking, food vehicle parking, loading zones, etc)

    • Parking spaces that become restricted at some point during the day or week (i.e. peak hour bus zones

    Detailed ReachNow parking guideline rules can be found here. Please double check parking signs and curb color to ensure that you have parked in a valid parking space.

    How will I be notified about trips?

    After you have moved a car, ended the trip, and locked the car, you will get a push notification and a detailed email within one hour notifying you that your trip has been recorded. Our team will then verify the trip over the next couple of days. If your trip did not meet the payment criteria, you will receive an email indicating that you took an invalid trip.

    What to do if I come across a ReachNow car that is damaged?

    If you notice that a car you are planning to move has any damage or is in need of service, please report it by emailing support@reachnow.com and include a description of the issue and photos.