• // Fleet Efficiency

    Boost your fleet utilization

  • // The Situation

    Freefloating carsharers miss out on revenue due to inefficient location of vehicles.
    Our AI-powered service increases revenue by matching vehicle location to demand.
    A portion of vehicles are parked in “cold zones”, where they will not be booked for a longer time.

    Moving them to current “hot zones” decreases the time until the next booking and increases revenue.

    Service Benefits

    + Increase fleet utilization

    + Improve vehicle availability in demand areas

    + Support specific demand scenarios: Airport, fuelling, charging

  • // Success Story

    Major Freefloating Carsharing Operator


    Fleet Monetization

    in 5 months



    for 5 months


    Vehicle Fleet


    Crowd Users

  • // Our Offer For You

    4 Month Service Trial // +10% Fleet Monetization


    Creation of dynamic prediction model

    For demand and supply. Based on historic behavior data from operator, Parkbob Rules & Restrictions + other proxy data sources.


    To fleet APIs to include real-time info for model updates. Minimum operator involvement. You open API access – Parkbob takes care of the rest.

    Dedicated App

    For crowdusers moving cars.


    AI-Powered micro-balancing engine

    Automated identification of vehicles eligible for relocation and areas with increased booking frequency.


    All inclusive package

    All handling of crowd + payments are included in the project. Use of Bonification scheme for crowdusers that includes cash payout + driving credits.

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    To Boost Your Fleet Utilization