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  • How to participate?

    Download our App and start registering

  • How does StreetCrowd work?

    The goal of StreetCrowd is to move certain ReachNow cars from their current location to "Hot-Zones" in order to increase vehicle availability in high-use areas. The ReachNow cars which can be moved to Hot Zones are shown on the map in the StreetCrowd App. You will be paid for the number of cars you correctly moved to a Hot Zone and parked.



    • You need an active ReachNow and Paypal account
    • If you don't have a ReachNow account, we will provide you a promo code for free membership!
    • If you don't have a PayPal account, please create one for free here!

    Move Cars

    • Once your account is activated, start moving eligible cars to Hot Zones! 

    Get Paid

    • We will pay you for each valid move of a car. You will get $5 on your PayPal account and a $5 ReachNow credit for each car you move!
  • You want to earn more money?

    StreetCrowd -  Special Bonus Deal

    Special Bonus Deal

    For a limited time you can earn the following bonuses:

    • extra $5 after your 10th move
    • extra $20 after your 25th move
    • extra $50 after your 50th move
    • extra $75 after your 100th move
    • extra $75 after your 150th move
    • extra $80 after your 200th move
    • extra $85 after your 300th move
    • extra $90 after your 400th move
    • extra $95 after your 500th move
    • extra $100 after your 600th move
    • extra $105 after your 700th move
    • extra $110 after your 800th move
    • extra $115 after your 900th move
    • extra $120 after your 1000th move

    Bonus credit will be applied to your PayPal account. This bonus is offered for a limited time. After the 1000th move, new bonus steps are waiting for you.

    StreetCrowd - Refer a Friend

    Refer a Friend

    For each of your recommended friends that completes 10 valid moves to Hot Zones, you will receive an extra one-time bonus of $30.

    To refer a friend simply send hi@streetcrowd.io the e-mail address your friend signed up with, and we will credit the $30 to your account as soon as their 10th move is validated.